On the occasion of the recent ASITA (Federation of Scientific Associations for Territorial and Environmental Information) National Conference in Brescia, Italy, Prof. Alan Wells, from the University of Leicester, East Midlands, who chairs the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) European Union Working Group, gave a valuable presentation of the results of this work. 

The publication ’25 Uses of GMES in the NEREUS Regions’  showed indeed an analysis of the results involving 25 European Regions (6 of which are Italian, including the Molise Region) that are members of NEREUS (Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies). Appreciating the value of scientific innovation and space research, the Regione Molise is a long-time member of this Network. 

The outcomes of this work, with particular reference to the Molise Region, provided by the Università del Molise, Università della Tuscia and Telespazio, come from a detailed map of the working of the French Spot-5 satellites regarding a forest area of over 34.000 sq.m. This mapping activity demonstrates the accuracy and precision of satellite application concerning deforestation in the Molise Region, more reliable than the common statistical surveys. Further details will be possible thanks to the Geosat Consortium, formed by the Regione Molise, ASI (Italian Spatial Agency), Università del Molise and Telespazio.


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